T58TL6EN2 - 80cm Induction Hob with Ventilation System - Stainless Steel trim

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-           The FlexInduction zone automatically detects the number, size and shape of the pots and pans used and heats up precisely where it's needed.

-           Power Move – the flex zone offers three heating zones: boiling in front, simmering in the middle and warming in the rear

-           TwistPadFire® – our removable, magnetic, illuminated control dial that gives you precise control over all cooking zones

-           Automatic Air Sensor – automatically adjusts the extraction rate to match the situation in the kitchen.

-           Reduced Noise – our optimized motor guarantees a quiet cooking experience.

-           Space-saving Installation – room for pull-out drawers thanks to an installation of the extractor duct in a lower cabinet.


Model & Design

-           Frameless with Front Facetted Glass, Stainless Steel Trim

-           PotBoost function for all cooking zones

-           PanBoost

-           PowerMove

-           PowerTransfer

-           FryingSensor with 5 temperature settings

-           17 power levels for each cooking zone

-           Residual heat indicator: Digital 2-step

-           LED display and timer with auto switch off for all cooking zones

-           ReStart Function

-           QuickStart - Quick and automatic first pot detection

-           Home Connect (only in countries where Home Connect service is available)

-           Keep warm function for all cooking zones

-           Energy consumption display


Cooking Zones

-           17 Power Levels, 5 Frying Levels, FlexInduction, FryingSensor Plus, Keep Warm Function, PowerBoost

-           2 Flex Zones + 4 Induction Zones

-           4 Induction Zones

-           Cooking Zones:

-           1 x Ø 400 mmx240 mm, 3.3 KW (max. Power level 3.7 KW) Induction or 2 x Ø 190 mm, 2.2 KW (max. Power level 3.7 KW) Induction

-           1 x Ø 400 mmx240 mm, 3.3 KW (max. Power level 3.7 KW) Induction or 2 x Ø 190 mm, 2.2 KW (max. Power level 3.7 KW) Induction



-           Automatic Pan Recognition Sensor

-           PowerManagement Function

-           Automatic Safety Switch-Off

-           Child Safety Lock

-           Wipe Protection Function


Technical Info

-           Installation dimensions: (H x W x D) 223 mm x 750 mm x 490 mm

-           Appliance dimensions: (W x D) 826 mm x 546 mm

-           80 cm width

-           Length wire connection: 110 cm

-           Min. worktop thickness: 16 mm

-           7.4 KW total connected load

-           Cable included


Integrated Ventilation Downdraft System

-           Aesthetically integrated fully flush air intake design with floating, heat resistant glass ceramics element for free movement and placement of cookware.

-           Extraction performance in ducted extraction (according to EN 61591): min. normal setting 154 m3/h, max. normal setting 500 m3/h , max. Boost-/Intensive setting 622 m3/h .

-           Extraction performance in recirculated extraction (according to EN 61591): min. normal setting 150 m3/h, max. normal setting 500 m3/h , max. Boost-/Intensive setting 615 m3/h.

-           Noise min. normal setting & max. normal setting: 42 dB & 69 dB.

-           High-performance, low-noise blower with energy-efficient BLDC-technology. High extraction rates at very low noises with pleasant noise frequencies through psycho-acoustically and aerodynamically optimized interieur with enclosed, non-visible blower. Highly pressure drop resistant even with longer and more complex ducting.

-           Ventilation system with 17 electronically controlled fan power levels and 2 Boost-/Intensive fan power levels (with automatic revert) via TwistPad® Fire user interface.

-           Automatic switch-on of ventilation system when a cooking zone is used.

-           Sensor-based and cooktop-based, fully-automatic adjustment of power levels via advanced algorithm for maximum convenience.

-           Automatic delayed shut-off after cooking to erase residual odours after cooking (in specific ultra low-noise fan level, 12min in ducted extraction, 30min in recirculated extraction, can be shut-off manually).

-           Optionally manual control possible by TwistPad® Fire.

-           Suitable for ducted or recirculated extraction configuration (incl. differentiated software modes). Respective mandatory installation accessories required: - Z811DU0 for ducted extraction. - Z821UD0 for unducted recirculation with clean Air odour filters.

-           Induction cooktop with fully integrated high-performance downdraft extractor.

-           All parts of the unit are easy-to-clean, fully dishwasher safe and heat resistant.

-           Optimized odour reduction performance for cooking applications with complex odour molecules (e.g. fish).

-           Integrated, large-scale, high performance stainless-steel grease filters with 12 filtration layers and one black top layer for enhanced aesthetical integration.

-           Overall capturing capacity of 900ml (200ml + 700ml).

-           Powerful drainage system for spillages that exceed 200ml of liquids.

-           Liquid safety collector with additional capacity of 700ml for more severe accidental situations. Dishwasher safe. Easily accessible and detachable from below.

82.60 (cm)
22.30 (cm)
54.60 (cm)