Our aim is to get you into your dream appliance. If something goes wrong, we will do everything possible to rectify the situation. See below our expanded list of refunds and returns policy information.

Spartan does not offer refunds or returns on items where you’ve changed your mind or made the wrong choice. Please ensure that you select your appliances carefully, with precise dimensions and measurements.

Refunds WILL be provided if the appliance(s) you’ve purchased:

-       Are defective (not by your own doing)

-       The description is wrong on our end

-       Don’t perform how we’ve said they’ll perform. After verification.

In line with the above, we will exchange, credit or fix the goods where deemed possible. No refunds will be arranged until the faulty appliance(s) have been returned.

No refunds will be processed without proof of purchase to Spartan Electrical.

Please note that Spartan does not have service technicians or electricians. The cost of Service calls, depending on nature, may be absorbed by Spartan, our brands (suppliers) or yourself. Please make sure you communicate with a Spartan team member in advance of the service call.


Will be the same in which your initial purchase was made.


If you receive an appliance that you think might be damaged, please be sure to contact the store of purchase within 24 hours.


In the unlikely event that you receive the wrong product for your order, please contact your purchasing store or yout Spartan team member at your earliest convenience.


If you find your appliance(s) to not be in good working order, it’s important that you reach out to your purchasing store or your Spartan team member within 24 hours. We may arrange for a brand service agent to meet you at your property to inspect the product and determine any faults. If it’s found there’s no fault in the product or the fault was caused by incorrect use, incorrect installation or damage, the cost of the service agents fee may be passed onto the customer.


Our brands and suppliers may have limited or no stock from time to time. The Spartan team will ensure you’re aware of the Estimated Time of Arrival for the stock you’re purchasing if you’re a phone or in-store customer. If you’re a web customer and haven’t been notified of any stock shortages or delays, you may be entitled to a refund if the delay is significant and there’s no alternative option available for you.