Are you struggling with the rangehood selection process? We understand the rangehood can be a tricky (and sometimes forgotten) item to choose. Not only are there a large amount of options of rangehoods available, but the styles, their functions and features and exactly where they'll be placed in your kitchen as well as how they'll be used can often be unclear.

Here at Spartan, we carry a large variety of rangehoods from the worlds leading brands which you're able to both browse below, as well as see live-working models in our state-of-the-art showrooms. 


The technological advancements we see today in rangehoods means you can not only have significant power in your rangehood, but also total silence. No more loud 'white noise' while someone is cooking and the rest of the family are trying to chat or watch TV.


Our rangehood-loving team are available to discuss rangehoods in great detail should you require more specific information regarding certain rangehoods or brands. Please get in touch on 1300 529 720 during business hours.