PKASFI - 85cm Professional 2 Zone Induction & Surface 2 Zone Induction Cooktop Set with Integrated Ventilation System - Black / Stainless Steel

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85.00 (cm)
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Intelligent control knob - Classic, tried-and-tested control via a control knob on the front has been supplemented by a digital display with a touch-control surface. The modern cooktop and extractor control functions are always accessed via the central control knob.

Performance level display on the cooktop - Everything always clearly in sight: The chosen performance level or operating function is in addition to the control knob also directly shown on the cooktop.

Oversized surface induction cooking zones - Particularly large surface induction cooking zones measuring 230 x 230 mm or 230 x 460 mm when the bridging function is activated.

Bridging function - With the bridging function, two cooking zones can be simply combined to make one large cooking zone. The power for the combined zone is regulated by a control element.

Cooking zone timers - The automatic cut-off automatically switches off the selected cooking zone after a preset time. After a time set by the user, the timer triggers a visual and acoustic signal.

Automatic cover flap - When switched off, the extraction system is fully closed. When the extractor is activated, the cover flap opens automatically. The integrated safety sensor prevents anything from becoming trapped when the flap is closed automatically.

Extremely quiet - even on high power levels: this is due to optimum airflow and the use of an extremely quiet fan in the kitchen plinth area. So it won’t distract you from your cooking and your conversations won’t be disturbed.

Automatic extractor control - The extractor power level automatically adjusts itself according to current cooking conditions. There’s no need for constant manual adjustment, which means you can focus fully on your cooking.

Maximum storage space - Thanks to the shallow installation height of the device, which fits in with the standard dimensions offered by all current kitchen manufacturers, and the fans integrated in the plinth, in the basement or outdoors, there is maximum room for drawers in the cupboard beneath.

Demo mode - The appliance can be set to demo mode via the settings menu, which provides all operating functions, however, the heating function of the cooktops is deactivated.


Model & Design

-           Bora Professional Series set

-           X1 Pro Surface Induction 2 Zone Cooktop with Bridging Function (PKFI11)

-           X1 Pro Induction 2 Zone Cooktop (PKI11)

-           Black Ceramic Glass

-           4 Cooking Zones Total

-           9 Power Levels

-           Variable Heat Retention Function

-           Automatic Heat Up Function

-           Pan Size Recognition

-           Intelligent Control Knobs

-           Child Safety Lock Feature

-           X1 Integrated Downdraft Extractor System with Integrated Fan (PKAS)

-           Stainless Steel

-           Integrated Grease Drip Pan

-           Genuine Stainless Steel Grease Filter

-           Simple Cleaning, Dishwasher Safe Parts & Filter

-           Max Air Capacity   618 m3/hr

-           Sound 47.5dB – 68.4dB


4 Cooktop Zones

-           Front Cooking Zone Size 230 X 230 Mm

-           Front Cooking Zone Power 2100 W

-           Front Cooking Zone Power Setting                         3700 W

-           Rear Cooking Zone Size 230 X 230 Mm

-           Rear Cooking Zone Power 2100 W

-           Rear Cooking Zone Power Setting                         3700 W

-           Size of Front Cooking Zone   Ø 230 Mm

-           Front Cooking Zone Output   2300 W

-           Front Cooking Zone Power Setting Output             3700 W

-           Size of Rear Cooking Zone   Ø 165 Mm

-           Rear Cooking Zone Output     1400 W

-           Rear Cooking Zone Power Setting Output             2200 W


Technical Info

-           Frequency              50/60 Hz

-           Maximum power consumption 3.7 kW

-           Supply voltage        220 – 240 V

-           Cooktop Maximum power rating           3.7 kW

-           Cooktop Minimum fuse protection        1 x 16 A

-           Cooktop Power supply cable length     1,5 m

-           Extractor System Maximum power consumption 700 W

-           Extractor System Power supply cable 2 m

-           Please note that induction-compatible cookware must be used on induction cooktops

-           Make sure that the area below the induction cooktop is sufficiently ventilated

-           The BORA Ecotube duct system is optimally tailored to the BORA cooktop extractors and guarantees 100% functionality and optimum performance

-           Professional cooktop extractor system can be combined with USTF, USTE, USTJ, USTG and USTL sockets


Bora Professional range is a combination of a high-quality extractor and powerful extra-deep cooktops. This Bora Professional Set Consists of Models: PKAS, PKFI11 and PKI11.

85.00 (cm)
19.90 (cm)
54.00 (cm)