PKAS - Pro Cooktop Extractor System with Integrated Fan - Stainless Steel

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-           This innovative appliance brings cooking vapours downwards so they don’t linger in your kitchen air and allows you to focus on what matters. Busy kitchens can enjoy efficient extraction while they cook thanks to the integrated fan and the unit is designed for simple maintenance and cleaning. Any removable components that need to be cleaned is easily accessible and can be placed in the dishwasher for stress-free maintenance.

-           Intelligent control knob - Classic, tried-and-tested control via a control knob on the front has been supplemented by a digital display with a touch-control surface. The modern cooktop and extractor control functions are always accessed via the central control knob.

-           Automatic cover flap - When switched off, the extraction system is fully closed. When the extractor is activated, the cover flap opens automatically. The integrated safety sensor prevents anything from becoming trapped when the flap is closed automatically.

-           Simple cleaning - All parts that come into contact with cooking vapours can be easily removed through the accessible, wide inlet opening. They can then be cleaned in the dishwasher, where they take up very little space.

-           Integrated grease drip pan - If anything is spilt during cooking, the integrated drip tray safely catches both solids and liquids.

-           Genuine stainless steel grease filter - Compared to other frequently-used filter materials, such as aluminium, the stainless steel grease filter will not perish with ongoing cleaning in the dishwasher, retaining its original appearance (no yellowing) and stability.

-           Modular system - The extractor system can be freely combined with up to 8 different cooktops from surface induction to gas or Tepan. Multiple combinations with, for example, 3 cooktops and 2 extractors are also possible.

-           Automatic extractor control - The extractor power level automatically adjusts itself according to current cooking conditions. There’s no need for constant manual adjustment, which means you can focus fully on your cooking.

-           Maximum storage space - Thanks to the shallow installation height of the device, which fits in with the standard dimensions offered by all current kitchen manufacturers, and the fans integrated in the plinth, in the basement or outdoors, there is maximum room for drawers in the cupboard beneath.

-           Integrated fan - The cooktop extractor is also available as a compact system with an integrated fan and silencer.

-           Demo mode - The appliance can be set to demo mode via the settings menu, which provides all operating functions, however, the heating function of the cooktops is deactivated.


Model & Design

-              Downdraft

-              Installation Type: Flush or surface-mounted

-              Suitable for use as a recirculation or exhaust system

-              Max Air Capacity     612 m3/hr

-              9 Speed

-              X 1 Filter

-              Noise 47.6 – 68.4dB

-              Can be combined with all BORA Professional 2.0 cooktops and BORA Universal fan modules



-              PKA Cooktop Extractor with Integrated Fan

-              Control knob

-              Cover flap

-              Stainless steel grease filter

-              Filter tray

-              Maintenance tray

-              CAT 5 communication cable

-              Universal control unit

-              Connection cable for the control knob

-              Operating and installation instructions

-              Height adjustment plate set

-              Mounting clamps

-              Power supply cable with type E + F plugs



-           PKA1FF stainless steel grease filter

-           PKA1VK cover flap

-           PKA1FW filter tray

-           UNLI type I power supply cable (AUS)

-           UNLJ type J power supply cable (CH)

-           UNLG type G power supply cable (GB-IE)


Technical Data

-           Supply Voltage 220 – 240 V

-           Frequency 50/60 Hz

-           Maximum Power Consumption 700 W

-           Power Supply Cable Length 2 M

-           Dimensions (Wxdxh) 468 X 540 X 199 Mm

-           Weight (Incl. Accessories/Packaging) 12.5 Kg

-           Cooktop Extractor Power Levels 1 – 9, P

-           Duct Connection BORA Ecotube

48.20 (cm)
54.00 (cm)
17.60 (cm)