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Liebherr refrigerators, freezer cabinets and also fridge freezer units for domestic use are distinguished by modern design, technical efficiency and convenient operation. The range extends from built-in appliances and standalone units to freezer cabinets/chest freezers and side-by-side equipment, as well as wine temperature control cabinets and wine cooler cabinets. The equipment impresses in everyday use thanks to practical functions and special features such as BioFresh or NoFrost.

Flexibly and perfectly integrated into any kitchen

Liebherr offers a broad range of energy-efficient fridge-freezers with a high level of convenience. They are available in a wide range of sizes and feature a host of wonderful innovations that are sure to satisfy almost every customer. Beauty, technology and craftsmanship combined, that’s the Liebherr difference. Read the information below to find out more about how Liebherr fridges can instantly upgrade your home.

Store your food under best conditions

Liebherr understands that life is busy; that families are demanding; and that work can be tiring. You don’t have time to keep heading to the markets to get that one ingredient you’re missing from the fridge. So, having instant access to all the fresh, high quality food you need when preparing meals is a real relief. As such, Liebherr fridges have been built with intelligent storage solutions which will hold – and perfectly store – larger quantities of food than a conventional refrigerator. This not only allows you the ability to make healthy dishes with what you have ‘on hand’, but saves you from the hassle of going back to the grocery store or market while cooking.

Designed for your home

For more than 60 years, Liebherr has provided visually beautiful, technologically advanced refrigerators and freezers – each built with our hallmark trait of uncompromising quality. There is a considerable amount of thought and care put into the technology behind Liebherr fridges – this means no matter where you live, our refrigerators create the perfect storage conditions to preserve your food and extend its life to the maximum. What’s more, our signature designs are created to add sophistication and elegance to any home, in any environment. Whether your lifestyle demands a Liebherr wine cellar or a Liebherr side by side fridge, having our superior workmanship (which utilises only the highest quality materials) in your home means you have discerning taste for exceptional quality.

Keep your food fresher, longer

It’s no secret that the nutrients from fresh food unlock our bodies’ ability to naturally heal and flourish. What’s more, when really fresh, flavour in food is also at its peak. So the last thing you want is a fridge that allows your food to age quickly, depriving it of those two essential qualities: nutrients and flavour. That’s where the patented BioFresh technology in Liebherr fridges out-performs its conventional counterparts – by slowing down the aging process. Whether it’s fruit, vegetables, fish, meat or milk products, Liebherr fridges provide optimum storage conditions which extend shelf life and preserve freshness for longer than normal.

A vital part of your home

As an important part of the heart of your home (your kitchen), you need a fridge which reliably cools and stores enough food for your entire family. Liebherr fridges aren’t just visually appealing, but are built to meet the demands of your family and your particular climatic environment, as well as withstand the test of time. The experience we’ve accumulated over the last 60 years guarantees satisfaction in every aspect of your Liebherr appliance.