ICBSM15TFS - 38cm Transitional Steamer Module - Stainless Steel Trim

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Prepare healthier, more flavorful meals with the Wolf 38 cm steamer in your kitchen. This marvelous little module seals in the flavor and nutrients of vegetables, grains, meats and more, but also has the chops to prepare Norwegian salmon en papillote and other delicacies. With the basket accessory, it even has sous vide capabilities – think steak or chicken cooked to succulent perfection.

Use our steamer module to steam cook all manner of foods, as well as for proofing bread dough, melting chocolate and slow cooking roasts, stews and soups. Crafted of heavy-duty stainless steel, it has a large, 4.7 L capacity with two stackable steel insert pans, one solid and one perforated. Best of all, it's just one of six Wolf modules that bring specialty cooking into your kitchen.

-           LARGE CAPACITY Holds a full 4.7 litres of liquid – great if you have a large family, do a lot of entertaining, or just eat a lot of fresh vegetables. You can also use it to hold mulled wine and other treats at the ideal temperature throughout your holiday party.

-           SLOW COOKS TOO The Wolf steamer module can also function as a slow cooker for 8-10 hours, creating delicious stews, soups and more.

-           WHAT CAN'T IT DO? Just to note a few of our module's other uses: double boiling, proofing bread, warming food, melting chocolate, bringing leftovers back to moist and flavorful.

-           ADVANCED LID SEAL Lid holds in steam for better temperature and moisture control.

-           CREATE A CUSTOM COOKING ARRAY Integrated design and slim 38 cm width lets you use it à la carte with other modules for a custom cooking array. Wolf modules have a streamlined control layout and frame – to seamlessly pair with one another.

-           POWERFUL 2700-WATT HEATING ELEMENT Quickly steam meats, vegetables, eggs, custard and grains beautifully and healthfully, retaining more nutrients and bringing out the natural flavors.

-           SOUS VIDE CAPABILITY Using the basket accessory, you can enjoy this professional cooking method to create the most succulent, perfectly done steaks, chops, chicken and more. Control panel adjusts in 1° increments to provide the steady, accurate temperatures you need.

-           STACKABLE STAINLESS STEEL PANS Use the perforated pan for steaming vegetables, meats, fish, while the solid pan is great for rice, couscous, chocolate and more.

-           ELECTRONIC DRAIN Touch DRAIN on the keypad, and the drain valve will open for 2 minutes – long enough to drain a full capacity of water.

-           EXCEPTIONAL CUSTOMER SUPPORT Whether you're shopping for appliances or have questions about those you already own, the Sub-Zero and Wolf Customer Care team has a reputation for service that’s as exceptional as its products.

-           RIGOROUSLY TESTED TO ENSURE DEPENDABILITY Each and every Wolf appliance is rigorously stress-tested to perform for over twenty years of daily use and is backed by the strongest warranty in the industry.


Model and Design

-           Stainless Steel Frame Design Pairs with Multiple Cooktops Or Modules

-           Solid and Perforated Pans Included

-           Glass Top Sealed Lid

-           Cook Timer

-           Auto Drain

-           Sous Vide Capability

-           Holds 4.7 litres of Liquid

-           Powerful 2700-Watt Heating Element Quickly Steams Meats, Grains and More

-           Functions as a Slow Cooker for 8-10 hours

-           Increased Precision With 10 Preset Power Levels and The Ability To Adjust In 1° Increments

-           Does Everything from Proofing Bread To Melting Fine Chocolate


Technical Info

-           Overall Dimensions: 381mm W x 222mm H x 533mm D

-           Capacity: 4.7 Litres


Please Note: This is a price on application (POA) product. Please visit your local Spartan store to discuss pricing, design and pairing options.

38.10 (cm)
22.20 (cm)
53.30 (cm)