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• 14 international place settings

• 6 programs

• 4 special options

• Anti-fingerprint stainless steel finish

• Polinox inner tub

• Effortless door closing

• Front facing control display

• Easy to remove worktop & toe kick panel

• Machine Care

• SpeedPerfect

• HalfLoad

• ExtraDry

• ActiveWater™

• DosageAssist™

• EcoSilence Drive®

• AquaSensor™ technology

• LoadSensor technology

• AutoBrilliance™

• Heat Exchanger

• 3 stage self-cleaning filter system

• Alternating spray-arm washing

• 5 Spray levels

• VarioFlex™ Plus basket system

• RackmaticPlus™

• Very Quiet

• Time delay start

• Electronic rinse aid indicator

• Last program used memory function

• Safety

• AquaStop™ Plus

• Child door lock

• Button child lock

• 4 Star energy rating

• 4 Star WELS water rating



• International place settings: 14


Consumption rates

• Star energy rating: 4

• Star WELS water rating: 4

• Water consumption: 13.4 litres per wash

• Energy consumption: 230kWh based on Eco 45°C program



• Freestanding Dishwasher: 60 cm wide

• Finish: Anti-fingerprint stainless steel

• Polinox inner tub: Yes

• Effortless door closing: Yes

• Front facing control display: Yes

• Easy to remove worktop & toe kick panel: Yes


Wash Programs and Options

• 6 programs: Pots & Pans 70°C, Auto Wash 45-65°C, Super Wash 60 °C, Eco Wash 45°C, Quick Wash 29 minutes (with use of rinse aid) 45°C, Pre-Rinse

• 4 special options: Machine Care, Helps remove grime and limescale buildup for optimum performance, SpeedPerfect: Up to 50% faster wash time, HalfLoad: For half loads, reduces energy, water & time, ExtraDry: Provides an even better drying result



• ActiveWater™: Automatic load adjustment recognises the load condition in three steps and ensures that only the amount of electricity and water required for that load is used

• DosageAssist™: Maximises the effectiveness of detergent tablets. The tablet is dropped into a specially engineered tray and is completely dissolved. For superior cleaning performance and a quieter wash.

• EcoSilence Drive® quiet and energy-efficient brushless motor (BLDC): Yes

• BLDC Main Pump: Variable water & spray pressure to achieve optimum cleaning results

• BLDC Drain Pump: Fast and extra quiet draining of water, no gargling sounds

• AquaSensor™ technology: Regulates the water usage depending on the type and degree of soiling

• LoadSensor technology: Provides for optimal water usage even for half loads or partial loads, saving water and electricity

• AutoBrilliance™: Automatic detergent and rinse aid sensor

• Heat Exchanger: Hygienic fully enclosed drying system – does not draw contaminated air (dust & allergens) from the dishwasher exterior. Reduces temperature shock, water & energy use.

• 3 stage self-cleaning filter system: Yes

• Alternating spray-arm washing: Yes

• 5 Spray levels: Yes



• VarioFlex™ Plus basket system: Yes

• Foldable plate racks in top basket: 2

• Folding plate racks in bottom basket: 2

• RackmaticPlus™: 3-stage top basket can be adjusted to three height levels to maximise convenience

• Moveable cutlery basket in lower basket: Yes

• Cutlery rack in upper basket: Yes

• 3 x Small Parts holders: Perfect for baby bottles and small accessories

• Large item spray head: For washing extra large items such as baking trays and rangehood filters



• Very Quiet: Operates at a low noise level of 46dB

• Time remaining display:

• Time delay start: Delay programme start time by 1-24 hours to suit your schedule

• Electronic rinse aid indicator: Yes

• Last program used memory function: Yes

• Safety: Yes

• AquaStop™ Plus: Water supply device with lifetime anti-flood protection

• Child door lock: Yes

• Button child lock: Yes



Width: 60.00 cm
Height: 84.50 cm
Depth: 60.00 cm
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