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• 1350W power

• 15 bar professional pressure

• Thermoblock heating system

• Anti-drip system

• 3 filters

• 1L removable water tank

• User-friendly control panel

• Removable drip-tray

• Mug tray for latte macchiato glasses

• Anti-slip feet



• 50s Style

• 3D logo

• Slim dimensions



• Metal wrap with coloured polycarbonate housing

• Stainless steel filter holder, frame and cup tray

• Steel cup holder

• Metal steam lever

• Chrome plated base



• 1-cup button; 2-cup button; Steam option

• Adjustable Cappuccino system

• Flow stop function to customize your coffee length

• Descaling light indicator



• Finish: Coloured polycarbonate

• Functions: 1-cup button, 2-cup button, Adjustable Cappuccino system, Flow stop function to customise coffee length

• Cleaning: 1L removable water tank with optional water filter, Descaling light indicator

• Safety: Anti-slip feet

• Power: 220-240V, 50/60 Hz, 1350W



Width: 14.90 cm
Height: 30.30 cm
Depth: 33.00 cm
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