DF60R8200WG - AirDresser Clothing Care System With Steam - White

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-           4 STEP PROCESS quickly and easily sanitises and refreshes clothes between washes at the convenience of your own home.

-           JETSTEAM - The powerful Jet Air system infuses high temperature steam deep into the fabric of clothes. It helps remove up to 99% of certain viruses and bacteria, house mites, allergens, odour causing gases and other harmful substances. Great for business attire, kids toys and uniforms and when illness strikes.

-           DEODORISING FILTER - Removes most odours caused by sweat, tobacco, cooking and dry cleaning. The Deodorising Filter and UV LED captures the odours, preventing them from building-up inside the unit.

-           JET AIR + AIR HANGER - Using the Jet Air system and Air Hangers it blows powerful jets of air upwards and downwards, loosening and removing dust and odours, from inside and outside your clothes.

-           WRINKLE CARE - Using a combination of steam and air to relax and smooth out creases in clothes, it can remove up to 100% of wrinkles from woollen clothes and 80% of wrinkles from rayon material.

-           HEATPUMP DRYING TECHNOLOGY - Reduces the risk of damage and shrinkage of clothes with low temperature drying using an upper JetAir and a lower HeatPump.

-           DEHUMIDIFICATION - When the door is open, the Dehumidification function draws in air from the room, extracts moisture from it and expels dry air to help protect clothes from mould.

-           SMARTTHINGS - Get smart advice on great clothing care and maintenance from your connected smartphone, including 'Care Recipe' suggests the best cycles for each item, 'My Closet' suggests courses for your specific clothing fabrics, 'Special Course' lets you download additional specialist cycles, 'Home Care' enables simple troubleshooting from your smartphone.

-           SOFT CLOSING DOOR - The hinge makes the door move smoothly, so it slowly, safely, gently and quietly shuts.

-           SELF CLEAN TECHNOLOGY - Dehumidifies, sanitises and deodorises inside. You don’t need harsh or costly detergent as it cleans using a combination of heat, air and steam. And it notifies you when it needs cleaning after 40 cycles.


Model & Design

-           Classic White

-           Touch + LCD Control Panel

-           Steam Sanitisation

-           Odour Reduction

-           Clothing Refresh

-           Wrinkle Reduction

-           Gentle Drying

-           Room Dehumidification

-           Smart Wi-Fi Care and Maintenance

-           Digital Inverter Compressor



-           Quick

-           Dry – Sensor Dry, Time Dry, Room Care

-           Special - Suits, School Uniform, Winter Coat, Wool/Knit, Outdoor, Down Jackets, Fur/Leather, Heavy Duty, Self Clean


Available Download Cycles

-           Denim, Down Dry, Accessories, Babywear, Bedding, Toys


Dimensions & Weight

-           W445 x H1850 x D615 mm (Net)

-           W515 x H1950 x D745 mm (Gross including Hoses)

-           Net Weight 89kg

-           Gross Weight 97kg

51.50 (cm)
195.00 (cm)
74.50 (cm)