CKA2AB - 12cm Classic Downdraft System - All Black

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Minimalistic design - The cooktop and extractor are ideal for flush installation. The perfect lines allow them to blend in discreetly and elegantly with any modern kitchen design. When on standby, the operating panel is virtually invisible and during operation it is scaled down to the essentials thanks to intelligent lighting.

Intuitive sControl+ control - The unique operating panel is simpler than ever: it works intuitively with a swipe of your index finger up or down in the smooth hollow or a tap with your fingertip. All important functions can be accessed with a single touch.

Direct function selection - All main functions can be directly selected using a touch control.

Minimum volume - Always extremely quiet - even on high power levels: this is due to optimum airflow and the use of an extremely quiet fan in the kitchen plinth area. So it won’t distract you from your cooking and your conversations won’t be disturbed.

Simple cleaning - All parts that come into contact with cooking vapours can be easily removed through the accessible, wide inlet opening. They can then be cleaned in the dishwasher, where they take up very little space.

Cleaning lock - When activated, the controls are locked for 10 seconds so that the surface can be cleaned. The remaining time can be seen counting down in the timer window. All device settings remain unchanged in the meantime.

Integrated grease drip pan - If anything is spilt during cooking, the integrated drip tray safely catches both solids and liquids.

Genuine stainless steel grease filter - Compared to other frequently-used filter materials, such as aluminium, the stainless steel grease filter will not perish with ongoing cleaning in the dishwasher, retaining its original appearance (no yellowing) and stability.

Compact size - Thanks to the compact dimensions and a cooktop depth of 515 mm, the system is suitable for standard kitchen units (60 cm from the front edge) as supplied by all current manufacturers.

Automatic extractor control - The extractor power level automatically adjusts itself according to current cooking conditions. There’s no need for constant manual adjustment, which means you can focus fully on your cooking.


Model & Design

-           Downdraft

-           Classic 2.0 Series

-           All Black

-           Flush or Surface Mountable

-           Touch Controls

-           Cooktop Extractor Power Levels 1 – 5, P

-           Supply Voltage 220 – 240 V

-           Frequency 50/60 Hz

-           Maximum Power Consumption 550 W

-           Power Supply Cable Length 1 M (F, G, J, I)

-           Surface Material Glass SSG/Stainless Steel 1.4301

-           Duct Connection BORA Ecotube



-           BORA Classic cooktop extractor CKA2

-           BORA Classic air inlet nozzle

-           BORA Classic grease filter unit incl. grease filter tray

-           BORA Classic control unit

-           height adjustment plate set

-           Communication cable CAT 5 (3 m)

-           Country-specific power supply cable (1 m)

-           Ferrite sleeve

-           Installation instruction Classic 2.0

-           Instruction manual Classic 2.0


Available Accessories

-           BORA Classic air inlet nozzle CKAED

-           BORA Classic grease filter unit incl. grease filter tray CKAFFE

-           BORA Classic inlay-frame CER

11.60 (cm)
19.00 (cm)
51.50 (cm)