Since it's establishment in 1899, Miele have been an independent family-owned company. Miele focuses on manufacturing household appliances for the kitchen, laundry and floorcare as well as appliances for use in commercial operations.

Miele began production on their appliances as early as 1900 with butter churns and washing machines, with the first electric-motor washing machines in 1914. In 1927 Miele introduced vacuum cleaners to their repertoire and two years later, the first dishwasher in Europe was produced. 

Today, you'll find an extensive range of Miele cooking and laundry appliances available at Spartan to suit whatever your needs may be around the home. Miele feature a wide collection of stylish appliance products including ovens, cooktops, rangehoods, dishwashers, coffee machines, refrigerators as well as laundry appliances.

The beauty of Miele appliances is in the ability to seamlessly integrate them into any kitchen or laundry environment with the end result being style, function and stunning visual appeal. Present day, Miele has an impressive reputation for being a quality appliance manufacturer and a go-to brand for many busy households. With many requiring advanced technologies in their appliances to make every day life a little bit easier.

You can shop Spartan's range of Miele appliances online or speak to one of our friendly appliance lovers anytime. You can call 1300 529 720 to discuss Miele further. Or swing by to either one of our state-of-the-art showrooms to check out our modern and funcioning Miele cooking displays.