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• 4 x 25mj Burner, Ceran Heat

• 441 Grade Stainless Steel

• Stainless Steel Metal Knobs

• Flame Failure

• High Quality Burners & Trivets

• Ceramic Heat Spreader

• Cleaning System

• Ignition System



• Mj Rating: 4 x 25 Mj rating per burner

• 441 Grade Stainless Steel: Replacement of nickel with titanium to increase scratch resistance and reduces occurrence of yellowing of stainless at high temperatures

• High Quality Burners and Trivets: Cast stainless steel burners and cast iron trivets that are easy to remove for cleaning purposes

• Ceramic Heat Spreader: Ceramic panels that allow the BBQ to distribute heat evenly

• Cleaning System: All burners and trivets within the BBQ are dishwasher safe. Can be cleaned with warm water and detergent

• Ignition System: Piezoelectric one hand ignition

• Reversible Cast Iron Cooking Grills: Cooker plates are made of durable cast iron and can be reversed to provide the option of different cooking surfaces - flat or grooved

• Flame Failure: Helps to provide a safe cooking experience by preventing the build up of large amounts of unignited gas

• Gas Type Steel: BBQ can be bought as a Natural or LPG unit

• MADE IN ITALY: Units are designed specifically for the Australian market and manufactured in Italy by dedicated boutique specialist manufacturer

• Control Panel: Stainless Steel with Metal Knobs

• Mj Rating: 25 Mj Rating per Burner

• Gas Bottle Requirement: Min 4.5kg Max 9kg Gas Bottle if Working on LPG

• Gas Hose for LPG: N/A Hose and Regulator Fitted at Factory Level

• Gas Hose for Natural Gas: 1/2 Gas Pipe Line to be Used

• Flame Failure: Yes



Width: 97.00 cm
Height: 28.00 cm
Depth: 64.00 cm
Current stock: 0