BBO60S1PB - 60cm Multifunction Oven, Pyrolytic Cleaning - Stainless Steel / Black

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Pyrolytic Self-Cleaning: Intensive, chemical-free cleaning heats up the oven to 480 °C, turning food and grease residue to ash so that you can effortlessly wipe it away. The program lasts 2 hours for heavy soiling, and 90 minutes for light soiling, with the latter using 25%* less energy.*Tested by internal laboratories

Halogen Illumination: Clear view of what's happening inside helps you see all your oven’s cavity, so you can keep an eye on your culinary creations with the door firmly shut.

Durable Sturdy door for carrying heavy dishes & cookware - Hot, heavy dishes and pots can be difficult to get out of the oven but this door supports loads as heavy as 22.5 kg. That’s 20% more than standard oven doors so you can rest your piping hot pot on the open oven door while you take a breather.

Telescopic Shelves: Safe & easy-pull-out tray will make your life easier. Its runner system lets you pull the shelf all the way out (or 2/3 of it, for partial Telescopic version) of the oven while supporting your dish.


Model & Design

-           Multifunctional Electric Built In Oven

-           Grill Type   Electric Grill

-           Cooling Fan

-           Number of Functions   8

-           Door Opening Type   Drop-down

-           Colour   Fingerprint-free Stainless Steel

-           Cavity Colour   Black Enamel

-           Main Cavity Gross Volume   81 L

-           Main Cavity Volume   71 L

-           Pyrolytic Self-cleaning

-           Type of Illumination   Halogen Illumination

-           Display Type   LED Screen

-           Removable Door Glass  

-           Number of Cavities   1

-           Telescopic Shelf Type   Double-level Telescopic Shelf

-           Number of Shelf Levels   5-level Side Racks

-           Cool Door  

-           Door Lock  

-           Child Lock


Main Oven Functions

-           Number of Functions   8

-           Fan-assisted  

-           Conventional Cooking  

-           Electric Grill  

-           Fan Heating  

-           Fan Grilling  

-           Warm Keeping  

-           Pyrolytic Self-cleaning

-           Bottom Heating



-           Telescopic Shelf Type   Double-level Telescopic Shelf

-           Number of Deep Trays   1

-           Number of Pastry Trays   1

-           Number of Standard Wire Racks   2

-           Number of Tray Racks   1



-           Pyrolytic Self-cleaning


Technical Information

-           Main Cavity Energy Efficiency Class   A

-           Main Cavity Heat Source   Electric

-           Total Electric Power   3300 W

-           Voltage   220 - 240 V

-           Frequency   50 Hz

-           Cut-out Dimensions - Cabinet (W×D×H) (mm)   560×550×590

59.40 (cm)
59.50 (cm)
56.70 (cm)