Auto Dose Technology

How do you pour?


When it comes to loading your machine with detergent ahead of a wash, do you free-pour as though you work as an American bartender, or do you carefully measure in the cap as if you're an Australian bartender? Even meticulous measuring in the supplied-cap could mean you're still overdosing your machine with detergent, so discover AUTO DOSE!


What is auto dose?


Firstly, auto dose is here to make your life in the laundry easier, and possibly cheaper, too. Sensors in the laundry appliances will weigh your laundry load once they're in the drum and measure how dirty they are. The machine then works out the perfect amount of detergent and conditioner for your laundry, before dispensing it. This means you'll never use too much or too little again. Resulting in time and money saved, as well as softer, cleaner results. So the question is...why WOULDN'T you choose an auto dose machine?


Auto dose benefits


In addition to the time and money saving having an auto dose washing machine can yield, there's many other benefits with the technology, too.


     - You only need to push one button and your machine will take care of the rest.

     - Precise washing for every load, this means you'll get better results 

     - Fill detergent once for multiple wash cycles

     - Protect your garments from over or underdosing resulting in longer wear


You might be surprised to learn that you're probably overdosing your machine. Take all the guesswork out of dosing in the laundry and make your next washing machine purchase an auto dosing one. To learn more about auto dose technology, head in-store and speak to our team about the various options and brands available.


You can browse some of the auto dosing machines available below.


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