SMEG was founded by Vittorio Bertazzoni from Guastalla, a town near Reggio Emilia in northern Italy, and is today one of the country's leading home appliance manufacturers. The Bertazzoni family's entrepreneurial history begins way back in the 19th century. Starting out as blacksmiths, the Bertazzonis soon branched out into cooker building. The very first Bertazzoni kitchens were put on show at the World Expo held in Milan in 1906.

In 1948, the Smeg company was formed in an era of economic growth and rapid urbanisation. Radical changes in lifestyles and living patterns, the new concept of the nuclear family, a huge increase in the number of female professionals...all of these factors inspired Smeg to develop ground-breaking technologies  to produce products that would meet the demands of the new society and revolutionise home living.


When Smeg’s design studio embarked on its newest venture – to create the world’s most energy-efficient large-format cooker, Portofino epitomised the pinnacle of Italian opulence and so the new collection was named. It was fortuitous because Portofino also inspired the unique colours of the collection, taking their hues from the olive, terracotta, lemon and coral colours of the buildings lining the shores of Portofino, joyously contrasting with the sparkling blue waters of the Mediterranean.


Smeg's 50s retro range features unmistakably vintage designs whose classic, sinuous lines and vibrant colours combine perfectly with cutting-edge technology. It's safe to say that this product line, developed by Smeg's internal design studio, has definitively opened the door for personality conveyed through appliances.

Like other famous designs, the original and best FAB28 coloured refrigerator is more than just a mere fridge. It’s the focal point of the kitchen, just like the signature sofa or lamp in your living room.

Dolce Stil Novo

Precision meets passion in the modern kitchen with Smeg’s architecturally designed Dolce Stil Novo collection. Delivering a best-in class cooking experience, the collection was created with technological innovation and craftsmanship at its core.

Dolce Stil Novo, meaning ‘Sweet New Style’, features minimalist styling in black eclipse glass and refined copper or stainless-steel detailing to create a timeless, elegant aesthetic. The look is one of uninterrupted lines, precision and undeniable quality, allowing you to bring to life any culinary masterpiece. Drawing inspiration from a 13th century Italian love poetry movement, the collection sets a new standard for form and function in the modern home kitchen.


Smeg’s Linea Collection celebrates the first element of design – the ‘line’. Effortlessly simple, balanced and unashamedly minimal, Linea is at home in the most modern of kitchens.
The Linea Collection features Stopsol® "supersilver" glass, a super-strong material with crystal translucency for a mirror finish, which, when combined with Smeg’s satin stainless steel, gives the range a reflective beauty which must be seen to be believed. The sleek, simple and beautifully conceived collection is available in White (Bianco), Black (Nero) or silver and stainless steel finish, for a refined “Made in Italy” style statement.


Victoria is the aesthetic line dedicated to people who savour the warm reception and welcoming atmosphere of home, places filled with tranquillity, joy and laughter, where time seems to stop, where passion for good food is seen through utmost attention to details.

Functional and harmonious, the style is enhanced by materials and finishes, creative touches such as the backsplash with the Smeg 50’s style logo and the chrome control knobs, that twinkle, enhancing the beauty of the cooker.