AEG's pioneering industrial design and technological innovation began well over 100 years ago with Professor Peter Behrens. This visionary architect, employed by AEG as artistic consultant, would become the world's first industrial designer.

Professor Behrens' principles of intelligent technology and responsive design are still integrated into each and every AEG appliance, guaranteeing exceptional performance time after time.


The advanced humidity sensor continuously measures and automatically adjusts temperature and moisture levels in the oven to suit the type of food you are cooking when using low, medium and high humidity cooking functions.

As food generates its own humidity, and some more than others, it adjusts the amount of steam required in the cavity to deliver precisely the right amount of humidity.

This not only leads to more efficient water usage, but ensures that every dish is cooked to perfection.


Leave Hob2Hood to regulate the fan while you concentrate on the key moments involved in getting your dish just right.

It will automatically control your rangehood's fan and lights.


The AEG PrecisionVac™ vacuum sealer drawer brings a professional cooking standard into the home kitchen.

With the unique chamber vacuum system, you can cook like a professional chef, by sealing in the flavour, moisture and nutrients of ingredients until you are ready to cook them to perfection.


Keep your food fresher for longer with controlled storage conditions.

DynamicAir Technology works to keep the interior temperature completely even on all levels throughout the whole refrigerator.

By preventing warm zones forming inside the fridge, our DynamicAir Technology limits the risk of accelerated bacteria growth.


ProSense technology intelligent sensors optimises and displays the estimated wash time within 30 seconds of starting the wash cycle.

Whether it is a few shirts or your entire weekly laundry, the wash time, water and energy consumption adjust to ensure they are only washed for the exact amount of time required.

This ensures that fabrics suffer less wear and tear, maintaining colour and texture.