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• 800m3/hr net capacity

• 250W centrifugal, twin impellors motor

• 4 speed settings

• Two 20-watt halogen lights

• Delay stop

• Two 4-ply stainless steel/aluminium filters



• Finish: All satin stainless steel fascia rail and under-carriage

• Installation: Built into overhead cabinetry

• Motor: 250 watt centrifugal, twin impellors, double air uptake

• Air Capacity: 800m³/hr net

• Air Extraction: Exhaust direct to atmosphere or recirculate to kitchen, 150mm diameter (6”) ducting required

• Speed: Four separate illuminated buttons — automatic presetting

• Noise Rating: 41–58 dBA

• Illumination: Two 20 watt halogen, rear mounted

• Filtration: Two 4-ply stainless steel/aluminium — removable and washable

• Delay Stop: Selectable 5-minute delay stop for fan and lights

• Cleaning Prompts: Automatic, LED, visual; 30 hours for grease filters — wash; 120 hours for charcoal filters — change

• Charcoal Filters: Optional, purchasable accessory when recirculating, code for pair 08999801

• Air Extraction: Duct or recirculate

• Electrical Supply: 240 volt, 50 Hz

• Electrical Connection: 1.15 metre connected power cord with 3-pin plug suitable for standard 10 amp GPO

• Maximum Current: 1.17 amp

• Supplied: Brackets, screws, instructions for installation, operation and maintenance; Rear spacer for optional fitment; Non-return butterfly valve for optional fitment; 2 x 4-ply stainless steel/aluminium grease filters



Width: 89.80 cm
Height: 26.00 cm
Depth: 28.00 cm
Current stock: 0