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• 700m3/hr net max airflow

• 1 X 2W LED lighting

• 3 fan speeds

• 5-ply aluminium grease filter

• 138W twin-impeller centrifugal motor

• 58 dBA noise rating

• Satin stainless steel finish



• Finish: Satin stainless steel

• Installation: Concealed within cupboards or island bulkhead

• Motor: 138 watt centrifugal, twin impellers, double-sided air uptake

• Capacity: 700m3 /hr net max airflow

• Air Extraction: Duct direct to atmosphere or recirculate to kitchen, 150mm ducting required

• Noise Rating: 58 dBA

• Illumination: 1 X 2W LED

• Speeds: Three

• Filtration: 5-ply aluminium grease filter

• Option: Activated charcoal filters, part number HA019W7S-11



Width: 90.00 cm
Height: 42.00 cm
Depth: 29.00 cm
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