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• Zone free technology

• Touch slide control panel

• 9 Power levels

• Child safety

• Double booster control

• Black glass design



• Zone Free Technology: High performance, large area zone that gives you the choice of using a larger or square pan as well as using two pans in the same area. Zones are independently controlled via slide control

• Touch Control: Electronic controls with sensitive touch keys, making it easier and more accurate to control temperatures. This activation is indicated by a control light, letter or number in the display and/or ‘beep’ sound

• Double Booster Control: Booster (P) and Double Booster provide a boost of power to the selected heating zone. When activated, the heating zones work for 10 minutes with an ultra high power

• Efficient Cooktop System: Instead of using a flame or a heating element, induction cooktop directly heats cooking pot, causing very rapid increases in temperature

• Timer: Able to be used on all heating zones simultaneously with different time settings (from 0 to 999 minutes) for each heating zone

• Bridge Function: Allows the use of 2 cooking zones at the same time (left, middle and right zones) with the same features as a single cooking zone. Booster function not applicable

• Black Glass Design: Easy to clean and contemporary design makes this hob very desirable for all kitchen designs

• MADE IN ITALY: Units are designed specifically for the Australian market and manufactured in Italy by dedicated boutique specialist manufacturer

• Control Panel: Touch Slide

• Number of Power Levels: 9

• Child Safety: Yes

• Total Amps: 32 AMPS

• Total Power: 7400 W

• Nominal Power: 2100 W

• Booster: 2600 W

• Double Booster: 3700 W

• Minimum Diameter Defection: 100mm