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• Reverse tumbling action

• Easy to use rotary dial control

• Durable stainless steel drum

• Front or rear venting

• Time drying

• Front lint filter

• Child safety lock door

• Safety thermostat heater

• Delicates setting

• Auto cool down

• Wall mounting kit included


Product Profile

• Dryer Type: Exhaust venting front/rear

• Capacity (Kg): 4

• Wall mount option: Yes



• Energy Star Rating: 1.5

• Energy consumption (KWhr/yr): 189



• Type of controls: Rotary

• Options available: Delicates setting

• Fabric type selection: Delicate, normal


Button Functions

• Reminder/ Indicators: Progress indicator

• Functions: Power/on/off, delicate, auto cool down, time dry, reverse tumbling drum action



• Cabinet Colour: White

• Cabinet material: Painted galvanized steel


Drying Programs

• Drying Programs: Timed programs

• Venting: Optional rear venting, directional front vent grille



• Type: See through door

• Dryer Door colour: White

• Door safety: Door safety switch



• Dryer Lint filter position: Front

• Dryer Element watts: 2100

• Dryer Safety thermostat: Yes



Width: 60.20 cm
Height: 80.00 cm
Depth: 52.50 cm
Current stock: 0