18903A - Magimix Cook Expert Multifunction Food Processor - Black

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With the multifunctional cooking food processor with 14 programs and a 30-year motor guarantee, you can make everyday family meals with ease, as well as more elaborate dishes to impress your friends. From starters to desserts: For soups, sauces, stews, steaming, risottos, purées, bread, buns, whisking egg whites, drinks, desserts, yoghurt, baby food and so much more.

-           MULTIFUNCTIONAL grates, slices and chops

-           SMART INDUCTION accurate temperature to 1 degree

-           THERMO BOWL keep warm for 2 hours

-           SIMMER for slow cooking


Model & Design

-           2-in-1: full food processor with cooking functionality

-           Large Capacity: metal bowl (3.5 L) and transparent bowl (3.6 L)

-           Simple And Intuitive: 13 automatic programs + 1 EXPERT manual program, step-by-step recipes and video tutorials.

-           Smart Induction Cooking: ultra-precise temperature control to within one degree, ideal for baking and making sauces.

-           Free App: Hundreds of recipes offering endless inspiration

-           Keep-warm for up to 2 hours (Thermo bowl)

-           Intuitive colour digital interface

-           Settings Menu (sound, language, standby, etc.)

-           Dishwasher Safe

-           Made in France: by the inventor of the multifunctional food processor

-           Motor With 30-Year Warranty: for decades of daily use


Included in the Box

-           METAL BOWL WITH GLASS LID AND CAP: Double-walled stainless steel bowl keeps food hot for up to 2 hours. The shatterproof glass lid allows you to see what you are cooking and the cap can be removed during cooking, allowing you to add in extra ingredients or reduce soups and sauces.

-           3 TRANSPARENT FOOD PROCESSOR BOWLS: 3 BPA-free Tritan™ multifunctional food processor bowls: Main, Midi and Mini. Allowing you to effortlessly carry out several tasks in quick succession.

-           STEAMER BASKET: Stainless steel steamer basket and tray allows you to steam on multiple levels. Gently steam, reheat or cook meat, rice, vegetables, eggs and desserts whilst locking in your foods flavours, nutrients and vitamins.

-           EGG WHISK: Capable of whisking with temperatures of up to 110°C, it's ideal for both Italian and Swiss meringues, as well as mousses, soufflés, egg whites and cream.

-           SLICING AND GRATING DISCS: Perfectly slice and grate fruit, vegetables and cheese in a matter of seconds with Sabatier 4mm and 2mm discs.

-           UNIVERSAL TOOL: Stainless steel Sabatier universal tool to be used in the metal bowl. Perfect for all your stirring, simmering, blending, kneading, mixing and chopping needs.

-           METAL BLADE: Stainless steel Sabatier blade to be used in the main transparent food processor bowl.

-           SILICONE SPATULA: Designed to be used in the metal bowl with a removable head to reach right down to the base.

-           SPATULA: Designed to be used with the food processor bowls to easily scrape down the sides.

-           DIGITAL SCALES: Accurate to the gram with a weighing range up to 10kg (or 22 pounds if preferred).

-           RECIPE BOOK: Hardback recipe book included with over 300 recipes from starters to desserts, developed especially for the Cook Expert.

-           STORAGE BOX: Safely store the discs in a compact box.


Cooking Features

-           Time interval: 5 seconds to 4 hours*

-           Temperature: 30 to 160°C*

-           Precision : 1°C


Maximum Capacities

-           2.5 L Soup

-           2.5 L Slow-Cooked Food

-           1 Kg Purée

-           6 Beaten Egg Whites

-           1 Kg Steamed Vegetables

-           0.8 Kg Bread Dough

-           0.6 Kg Brioche Dough

-           1.2 Kg Cake Batter

-           400 G Frozen Fruit

-           1.4 Kg Carrots, Cucumber, Etc.

-           1.4 Kg Meat


Optional Accessories

-           XXL Steamer Basket: 5.5 L

-           XL Dough Hook: Bread/Dough Double Capacity

-           XL Extra Press

-           Citrus Press

-           Spiral Expert

-           Dice & French Fry Kit

-           Creative Cooking (Fluted, Julienne and Extra-Wide Julienne Discs)

-           Parmesan Disc, 6 Mm Slicer, Etc.



-           1700 W, 230 V / 50 Hz

-           1m Cord

-           Adjustable Automatic Standby (5 to 30 mins),

-           Standby Power < 0.5 W, Switch: 0 W



-           Food processor with Thermo bowl (HxLxD) 380 x 335 x 390 mm

-           Food processor with transparent bowls (HxLxD) 485 x 215 x 390 mm

-           Dimensions when boxed (HxLxD) 525 x 620 x 290 mm



-           Attachments: 3-year warranty for parts and labour

-           Motor: 30-year warranty (or 1000 hours of motor use)

-           Spare Part Availability 30 years from customer purchase date