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• 150cm Wide

• Twin chimney

• 2 x 250 watt centrifugal motors

• ASC automatic sensor control

• 8 x 20 watt halogens

• Satin stainless steel



• FINISH: Satin stainless steel

• INSTALLATION: Suspension from ceiling or bulkhead

• MOTORS: 2 x 250 watt centrifugal motors — each motor: twin impellors, double air uptake

• CONTROLS: Two x independent controls, each with four buttons and LED window air extraction

• Duct direct to atmosphere: 150mm diameter ducting required

• Recirculate to kitchen: 125mm diameter ducting required NB: for recirculation, a recirculation diverter kit is supplied for each chimney

• CAPACITY: Each half: 1073m³/hr gross, 856m³/hr net — ie 1712m³/hr net combined

• ILLUMINATION: 8 x 20 watt halogens

• NOISE RATING: 1 x 38 dBA minimum ? 2 x 58 dBA maximum

• SPEEDS: Four per motor

• DELAY STOP: Five minute delay stop selection x 2

• FILTRATION: Five removable four-ply stainless steel (dishwasher safe)

• PROMPTS via LED window flashing: five-minute delay stop, 30-hour stainless steel filter cleaning prompt, 120-hour charcoal filter inspection prompt

• SUPPLIED: Two one-way, non-return butterfly valves — removable, two 150-125mm diameter duct size adaptors, two recirculation diverter kits

• ACCESSORY: Optional activated charcoal filter for each motor, part number 08999802



Width: 150.00 cm
Height: 109.10 cm
Depth: 60.00 cm
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