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• Low-temperature cooking

• Four operating modes

• Convenient & simple

• Touch controls

• Push-to-Open

• Timer with automatic switch-off


Type of Appliance

• Crockery warming drawer: No

• Food and crockery warming drawer: Yes



• Glass control panel with sensor switches: Yes

• Control panel with symbols: Yes

• Handleless drawer: Yes


Gourmet Advantages

• Pre-heated crockery: Yes

• Keeping food warm: Yes

• Low temperature cooking with fan heat for perfect results: Yes

• Precise electronic temperature regulation from 40°C to 85°C: Yes


Operating Modes

• Cup warming: Yes

• Plate warming: Yes

• Food warming: Yes

• Low temperature cooking: Yes


Convenience Features

• Fully telescopic drawer for easy loading and unloading: Yes

• Push-to-Open mechanism: Yes

• Self-closing with soft close mechanism: No

• Programmable timer: Yes

• Capacity: Place settings for 6 persons


Easy Maintenance

• Stainless Steel front with CleanSteel finish (CleanSteel appliances only): Yes

• Flush touch display: Yes


Appliance Networking

• Connection to coffee machine (optional kit required): Yes



• Cool front: Yes

• Anti-slip mat: Yes

• Safety switch off: Yes


Technical Data

• Total connected load in kW/Voltage in V: 0.7/220 – 240


Standard Accessories

• Anti-slip mat: Yes

• SousChef cook book: Yes

• Rack to increase useable loading area: Yes



• Colour: Obsidian Black



Width: 59.80 cm
Height: 59.50 cm
Depth: 55.50 cm
Current stock: 0
RRP $1,999.00 Price: $1,599.00
You save: $400.00