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• 4 gas burners

• Meticulous design with seamless finish

• Flame selector & heat velocity indicators

• AS304 stainless steel construction

• Electronic battery ignition



• 4 gas burners: Available in natural gas or LPG preset

• Total burner power output: 14.85 kW (European tested)

• Solid cast iron removable grills: 2x

• Cast iron removable tepanyaki hotplate: 1x

• Anti-warp engineered hotplate: Yes



• Painted black BBQ interior: Yes

• 1 x removable grease container: For oil and residue within the cooking area & 1 x removable main catcher at the front of the grills with a drain system



Width: 105.00 cm
Height: 18.00 cm
Depth: 540.00 cm
Current stock: 0