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• 5 Burners

• 95MJ/hr Total Burner Power

• Powerful Side Burner

• Integrated Quartz Start Ignition

• Integrated Convection Roasting Hood

• Durable Rust Resistant Stainless Steel Cooktop

• Vaporizer Grid Reflector System


Product Profile

• Type of BBQ: Built in

• Design Family: Signature

• Finish: Stainless steel

• BBQ Frame Finish (BBQ Burner Box Finish): Stainless steel

• Included Accessories: Cookbook



• Type of Fuel: Gas

• Gas connection set up: LPG

• LPG Conversion Kit available: Available through spare parts

• BeefEater Filter Type: Built in

• BeefEater FIlter Fuel: Gas

• BeefEater Filter Finish: Stainless steel

• BeefEater Filter Series: Signature


Other Features

• Controls of BBQ: Rotary Knob, Stainless steel

• Position of controls: Front mounted

• Hotplate finish: Stainless Steel

• Grill finish: Stainless Steel

• Roasting hood: Yes

• Roasting hood construction: Stainless Steel

• Features of hood: Removable,window,integrated temperature gauge

• Other features of BBQ: Temperature gauge,warming rack, lights, hood up or hood down cooking, grease collection tray, Vaporizer® grid and reflector system, anti-flare



• Number of burners: 5

• Burner material: Stainless steel

• Type of Ignition: Quartz Start

• Burner power (MJ/hr): 19

• Total burner power (BTU): 108000

• Total burner power (MJ/hr): 95

• Flame failure: No

• Side Burner: Yes

• Side burner power (BTU): 19904

• Side burner power (MJ/hr): 21

• Side burner features: Removable Lid



Width: 133.00 cm
Height: 72.00 cm
Current stock: 0