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• 549L gross usable capacity

• DynamicCooling

• No-frost system

• BrilliantLight lighting system

• Visual and acoustic temperature alarm

• 115° door opening angle



• Integrated model

• Door hinged right, convertible

• Door opening angle 115°

• Niche height 2134 mm

• Inner cavity out of white finished Aluminium

• Drop&Lock shelving system

• EasyInstall fitting system

• Side-by-side combination enabled (Side-by-side installation kit required for all models installed in a side-by-side combination with less than 16 cm gap between units).


Usable capacity

• Refrigerator: 358L total gross volume

• MasterFresh: 173L total gross volume

• Total: 549L total gross volume



• Ergonomically positioned touch controls (waist height):

• Precise electronic temperature control:


Refrigerator zone

• DynamicCooling:

• NoFrost:

• SuperCool:

• Automatic defrosting:

• BrilliantLight lighting system:

• Almost step-less height adjustment through the shelf ladder system "Drop&Lock":

• 1 fixed shelf:

• 1 vegetable drawer on telescopic runners:

• 2 "MasterFresh" drawers on telescopic runners:


Interior door fittings

• Door rack with almost step-less height adjustment through the shelf ladder system "Drop&Lock":

• Dairy compartment:

• 2 shelves with Aluminium frame:



• Visual and acoustic temperature alarm:


Optional accessories

• Side-by-Side Assembly: Side-by-Side Kit

• Stainless steel front: stainless steel doors, lower plinth ventilation bars in stainless steel optics

• Door stop exchange: upper plinth ventilation bars left


Efficiency rating

• 2 stars energy rating:


Electrical connection

• Total rated load: 672 W



Width: 75.00 cm
Height: 212.70 cm
Depth: 61.00 cm
Current stock: 0