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• 76cm satin stainless steel

• Stainless steel and aluminium filters

• 4 x 20 watt halogen globes

• 4 Speeds

• 5-minute delay ‘switch off’



• FINISH satin stainless steel catchment frame

• INSTALLATION built into overhead island cabinetry

• CAPACITY 1600m3/hr net, 1950m3/hr gross

• AIR EXTRACTION duct direct to atmosphere - 200mm diameter ducting required, 200/150mm duct adaptor supplied, 200mm ducting is quieter and more efficient


• ILLUMINATION 4 x 20 watt halogen, separate button

• SPEEDS four — separate button

• DELAY STOP 5-minute delay ‘switch off’ — motors & lights, separate button

• FILTER PROMPT 30-hour use prompt to wash, grease filters, separate button

• FILTRATION three stainless steel and aluminium 4-ply grease filters, removable and dishwasher safe

• Accessory optional activated charcoal filter pair for recirculation, Part No 08999801

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