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• 130L drum volume

• Stainless steel drum

• 2-fold filter system in the door

• Condenser drying system

• 15 standard drying programmes

• Profitronic L Vario controls

• Drum lighting



• Profitronic L Vario

• 5 control settings to choose from

• Multi-lingual option



• Electric (EL)


Drying Technology

• Condenser drying system (C)

• Patented honeycomb drum

• Electronic moisture monitoring

• Axial airflow



• 7 pole interface for connection to payment system

• Optical interface for Service technicians

• Serial interface RS 232 – optional



• Robust spaceframe construction casing

• Front and sides in stainless steel (ED)

• Zinc plated back panel

• Stainless steel control panel, lid with stainless steel inlay

• Large drum opening (47 cm diameter)

• Can be stacked with a washing machine


Sound Emissions

• Emission sound pressure levels at work station in accordance with EN ISO 11204/11203


Optional Accessories

• Plinths

• Stacking kits

• Laundry baskets and tubs


Electrical Connection

• 1N AC 230-240 V 50Hz: Yes

• Fuse rating [A]: 1x10

• Total connected load [kW]: 2.17-2.34

• Heater rating [kW]: 1.94-2.11


Control Settings

• "Standard": All programmes and options are available to the user

• "Short-cut key operation": "4 short-cut keys - 4 Programmes". The user has a choice of only 4 programmes available and cannot make any changes

• "Short-cut key operation plus": Simple operation with a choice of 12 moisture controlled programmes, the 3 most important programmes can be selected using the short-cut keys

• "Short-cut key operation (Time - internal)": Simple operation with 4 temperature levels and time selection using the multi-function selector

• " Short-cut key operation (Time - external)": Simple operation with 4 temperature levels and time selection using an external payment system, specially designed for self-service laundry operation



Width: 59.50 cm
Height: 85.00 cm
Depth: 70.00 cm
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